One Single Cop Will Cost City Over $1M After 40 ‘Excessive Force’ Settlements

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In just barely over nine years, one single police officer has racked up 40 complaints filed against him, and cost the City of Denver Colorado over one million dollars in police brutality settlements.

This includes a $860,000 settlement for complaint number 12, an incident in which the officer in question was never even reprimanded by the Denver Police Department.

The second biggest settlement for an incident involving this same officer was a 2011 incident which was settled to the tune of $225,000.

In spite of it all, the Denver Police Department continues to make excuses for Officer Shawn Miller, just like the parents of any sociopath. It’s never his fault. There’s always some good explanation why he is getting into trouble.

But for tax-payers in Denver, this is not something that many are willing to put up with anymore.

Officer Miller is temporarily assigned to a desk job. But that isn’t expected to last long, unless the people of Denver do more than just grumble, and start demanding that the cop who is costing them so much money have his employment terminated.

“The warning signs were being flashed at us,” DPD spokesman Matt Murray said. “The problem is what we did with them after we got the warning signs.”

Of the 40 complaints filed so far, 17 of those 39 investigated include citation of excessive force.

“Because he gets 39 complaints, doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to get disciplined,” Murray continued. “What it should automatically mean is that the department is doing something proactive to change that behavior.”

In 2010 a confrontation between Miller and a disabled woman was caught on surveillance camera. He is recorded grabbing the mail in her hand and physically moving her so he can enter her apartment without a warrant.

They disappear from the camera for a few moments but when they emerge she has been cuffed and placed under arrest. Meanwhile, Miller was the one who broke the law.

The investigation said that his actions were “detrimental to an innocent citizen” in a way that “tarnishes the image of the department.”

Miller never faced a single punishment for any of the 17 excessive force complaints filed against him

“What does that say,” Marshall Zelinger of 7NEWS asked police, “that the city’s paying $850,000 for something he didn’t get punished for internally?”

The citizens of the City of Denver are still waiting on a good answer to that one…

(Article by Jackson Marciana and M. David; image used for illustrative purposes)

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