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Ferguson Store Owner Says He Doesn’t Believe That’s Mike Brown On Surveillance Video


The convenience store surveillance tapes that the Ferguson police released supposedly shows Michael Brown “robbing” a the local market shortly before being shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson. The Ferguson police have characterized this as a “robbery” in spite of the fact that it was carried out without any brandishing of a weapon. This was really more a case of petty theft shoplifting than anything else. But in an interesting turn of events, this Friday the owners of the store announced that they never said that they believed Michael Brown was even the individual who stole the item from their store.

While the owners of the market are speaking out through an attorney about the surveillance video, the mainstream media have decided to virtually ignore everything they said. Instead, the corporate media outlets have remained content to pretend that this video definitively identifies Michael Brown as the strong arm shoplifter.

The owners claim that this is a claim the police have come up with on their own. On the other hand though, Dorian Johnson, a witness to the shooting of Michael Brown, has reportedly confessed to being with Brown in the convenient store. But this has yet to be corroborated by the store owner, employees or eye witnesses. A number of questions remain as we are not hearing this from Johnson himself, and we already see just how deceptively the Ferguson police are willing to twist facts to suit their narrative.

The store owner, speaking through their attorney, even dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911. They explain that a customer inside the store made the call, and that is how police even got word of a crime, or a perpetrator who “fit the description” of Brown. The fact of the matter is that if there were an actual “robbery,” we can be certain that the store owner would have called the police.

In addition to clarifying that the store owners never said they believed, nor identified the suspect as being Michael Brown, they further claimed that the St. Louis County issued the warrants to confiscate the hard drive of surveillance video Friday. The warrants were issued based on the police claim that Brown “fit the description” of the person in the video. Remember, this was the person who the owners and employees of the store did not even see fit to call the police on due to the pettiness of the crime. The owner clarifies that neither the management of the shop, nor any employee has ever identified Mike Brown as the suspect recorded in the surveillance video.

The claim that the video recorded Brown “robbing” the convenience store is an assertion made by the police alone. The real question is why the mainstream, corporate media has been uncritically taking the word of the police on this matter, even over the eye witness testimonies of the store employees and owners?

Watch the video report, featured below and see for yourself, then help us SPREAD THE WORD!

(Article by Reagan Ali; edits and contributing reporting by Arman B.)

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  1. I never did believe that the person robbing the store was Michael Brown. Anyone seeing the store video (as grainy as it is) would see that its someone else, not Michael Brown

  2. on the mike brown situation why is the news media still saying that it was a robbery ,knowing that it was shoplifting or retail fraud, and why has no one corrected them yet, get to work lawyers.

  3. Whether the kid was shoplifting the store or not is irrelevant to the tragedy that happened down the street. Whether he had been smoking Cannabis or not is irrelevant as well. What is relevant is that a cop shot a kid dead in the street with no apparent justifiable cause and justice should be done.

    Time will tell. Let the (rusty) wheels of justice turn.

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