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Explain The Difference Between These Two Women


One of these women is a religious fundamentalist, armed with an assault rifle, and a religious text condoning the killing of those who oppose God’s prophet… The other is Muslim.

The image highlights the assumptions Americans bring to global issues and political discourse. We see Muslims decked out in camo, thumping Qur’ans and bearing assault rifles in a very different light than we do the more “harmless” Evangelical varieties in the United States. But what, really, is the difference (if any)?

One of these women, it can be argued, believes in “defending her country” with the arms she is bearing… But which woman? Wouldn’t both of these women argue the very same thing? That hardly means we should accept this explanation uncritically, but the fact that both would – and do – justify themselves in the same terms should be a sobering realization.

Sure, we can all point to this passage or that in the Qur’an and say “See! This book condones bad things.” But we can do the same with the Bible, can’t we?

Sure, apologists for the Bible will point out that “the original language doesn’t really say that.” But the same is true for the Qur’an and Islam. The vast majority of Muslims don’t believe the Qur’an says or means what many viewing it from the outside are told to believe it says.

There’s a saying “All translations are lies.” But without knowing Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek or Arabic, many pundits and self-described religious experts weigh in on what each book “really says.”

Take a good hard look at these images and tell us: is there really a difference? And if there is, is that difference really as big as we first assume when we look at these two pictures?

Well… anyone?

(Article by Ari Simeon and Isa Abu Jamal)

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  1. I just noticed that the Muslim on the right is holding an M4 and American Made weapon. They sure hate us but they damn sure love the guns we make. Not to mention the 11,000 stinger missiles they received from the US during the Holidays.

  2. Interesting… Neither girl has read the book in their hands close enough to understand the meaning of it; there’s this thing called context: You can’t read the Bible (or the Qur’an) without understanding A) the original language and B) the context of the writing… Neither girl can claim that she understands both things.

    One BIG difference is that one knows how to hang their flag appropriately… and one is an American.

    • If the US flag was on a wall…. it would be hung incorrectly. But this flag displays both sides so it’s fine. Understanding your own book is a great first step. Reading the other book would also be a refreshing feeling : )

      • Uhm.. no.. According to the United States If the flag is hanging over a street, the flag should be suspended vertically with the union to the north in an east and west street or to the east in a north and south street.When hung in a window where it is viewed from the street, place the union at the head and over the left shoulder. When the flag is displayed in a manner other than by being flown from a staff, it should always be displayed flat, whether indoors or out. When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left.

        The flag isn’t flat, it’s draped, unceremoniously and without regard or respect. The flag is also inverted to the observer, as the union is on then right. The words “Holy Bible” are clearly legible, so the camera shot hasn’t “mirrored” the image, as most cellular phones would do during a “selfie”

        This woman has, in many ways, disrespected this country’s flag.


    The link above provides biographical information about both women. The American is the wife of an American soldier. She wants to protect her nation. The Muslim is the wife of an international terrorist, who herself has forsaken her nation (Britain) in order to wage jihad in an attempt to impose sharia law on Western nations.

    The debate about religion will go on forever, but in this case, there are clear differences.

  4. Oh Lord. You! All of you ! Have you even read the Quran? For heaven’s sake you’ve probably not even read the bible. The Quran doesn’t condemn non -Muslims to death. Stop getting your information from google and for once in your lifetime open up a book. Get real facts and figures, instead of information from pseudo-networks. And just look at your by-standards here, you claim for religious freedom for all ,yet you condemn Muslims by keeping such a view of them?

  5. on the RIGHT you have an Islamic Militant that represents Hamas which is classified as a terrorist organization by many countries around the world. This is an organization that uses violence and totalitarianism to force people to follow their radical ways and religion. They demean and subjugate women and consider them less important to their society then their livestock…… they brainwash children into blowing themselves up … sure you heard that they were just recently responsible for the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenage boys…….. Their flag is a representation of their dominance over the poor people they concur … they even have the Gaza Strip on it painted in green to represent their dominance over the Israelis….. the Flag in this picture is the Hamas Military flag which is primarily used and is used to threaten their opposition by representing the radical violent force of their crusade…. her religious book is her (their) REASON for living and is used as an excuse to murder and oppress anyone that is not a follower…… the gun, grenades, and military uniform she is sporting is a symbol of power and force that represents the oppressive and totalitaristic way that they dictate their people (they have secret police, they do not allow their people to own guns, they kill unarmed civilians)…..i can keep going………… on the LEFT you have an American civilian girl that is free to do what ever she wants…. she is allowed to be educated, she is treated like an equal, she is free to were a tank top with her hair out……. she has a flag behind her that does not represent oppression or control… it represents purity, innocence, strength, valor, and unity……. her bible represents her beliefs and morals that she lives BY not FOR…….. her gun represents her freedom and her ability to protect it…. (not what she is going to use to go door to door with and promote Christianity)……….in closing there is a BIG difference with these two pictures …. the person that wrote this article inspires a very important conversation of the actual difference and hopefully people will take the time and learn about the difference rather than “Like” it and move on ……perspective is important when it is educated and substantiated….

    • On the right, you find a woman ready to fight for her cause, country, and religion. On the left a woman ready to fight for her cause, country, and religion. But, which one is right, and which one is wrong? In America, we would more than likely say the one on the left is the correct picture, and to hate the one on the right. In Iraq, they would more than likely say the one on the right is correct. Why? Because it’s about culture.

      I could say, because she still would be holding a bible in her hand it would make her a hypocrite. Because to be a christian is to follow not only the book of old, but the new testament as well. Where even in the bible and the torah it states, thou shalt not kill? yet they see their enemies as agents of the devil, no matter what form they take. Think of this though, the Christians and Islam’s fore-fathers have been at war since the Crusades. Even Jews and Christians are at war with each other. Each calls for coexistence, yet they cannot have it. Each religion must prove that it is the chosen one. The one religion for the One True God. But none of you make any effort to prove your existence of a God or Gods. You all set double standards, even within your own religions. How many denominations of Christianity are there? How many sects of Jewish and Islamic religions are there? And even amongst your own “Denomination” you fight and point your finger. No religion IS good religion. You all have blood on your hands…when will you finally wash and atone for YOUR sins?

  6. The difference is, when is the last time you heard of christians flying planes into buildings, or bombing trains, or kidnapping little girls, or killing innocent civilians in a mall, or bombing markets, or….Oh hell the list is too long. You get it though.

    Oh and before you assume, I am not a christian, I am actually an Odinist.

    • Agnostic here, we do all that too, we fly drones into weddings, we kick down peoples doors, we shoot up people bassed on association and assumption….

      Oh and before you assume, I was a US Marine with 3/1 who served in Iraq, I think I can testify to this shit first hand. (This also covers my terrible gramar. ) Have a nice day!

    • Unibomber, Austrian family rapist, Hitler, etc. Christians. Read the holy texts. Understand the stances of the prophets. Then blame individuals for their behavior. Blaming similarities is easily manipulated. Look how many white men have led their countries to war. So, we should avoid electing them in the future, right?

    • Unibomber was Christian, as was Adolph Hitler… So not too long ago actually… After 1981, members of groups such as the Army of God began attacking abortion clinics and doctors across the United States, anti-abortionist Scott Roeder murdering Wichita doctor George Tiller on 31 May 2009.. I could go on..

  7. This article isn’t written very well. More research should have been done before making such bold statements. I understand and appreciate your ideas, but this article is full of holes and that devalues your overall point.

    For example, the Quran has never been translated from its original text. It remains the same as when it was first constructed. Therefore, your claim that the same argument can be made for the Quran in comparison to the translation issues of the Bible is very well founded.

    Again, I appreciate your notion here, but it would be more powerfully expressed if you weren’t so hasty to make claims without backing them.

  8. “Religion may be defended by arms but not propagated by arms.” -Johannes Wollebius, 1660

    The big difference is that Christianity believes that Religion may be defended by arms but not to force conversions. Islam believes that one must kill all kefirs (unbelievers) and must force conversion at the sword. There is a huge difference here.

    But with regarding to the picture above, the Christian on the left most likely does not understand biblical theology or understand defending religion or the biblical doctrine of defense of self and defense of others and is most likely touting a Republicanism. Which is really an unfair comparison to Islam and the picture on the right.

    • Untrue. The Quran says you may only use arms in defense. It allows believers in the One God (Christians and Jews) to keep their religion. The enemy in the eyes of Muhammad was the majority of idol worshipers. You may be taking your point about forced conversion from the political leaders of regions in and around Arabia in the 8th, 9th centuries. The leaders of tribes and kingdoms would force their people to convert to improve their economic power. This is the fault of greedy individuals and has nothing to do with the religion itself. Much like the kings and queens of England switching back and forth between Catholicism and Protestantism.

  9. Ross the Christian’s slaughtered untold millions in the Crusades because they would not convert. Indians were slaughtered by the thousands when they did not convert. Imagine Christianity can be as intolerant as any religion. Educate yourself. Read a book other than something that doesn’t have pictures and word bubbles or has Bill O’Reilly’s name on it

  10. Err, “the girl on the left” is what that last sentence is supposed to say .

  11. Jumped through the hoops to say this: please, do your goddamn research. I am all for what this article is supposed to say, but the woman on the right is Wafa Idris. She’s known for being the first female suicide bomber, and not just for Hamas. If we’re going to have our points be taken seriously we have to make sure we don’t do this kind of stupid shit again. Unless the girl on the right wounded 100 people and killed another, along with herself, then there is a pretty big difference here.

  12. Here’s the difference… The one on the left will shoot you to protect her innocent children from being blown up… the one of the right will shoot you to clear a path so she can blow up your innocent children.

  13. this is stupid. i’ll explain the difference for you. one religion has millions of members hell-bent on destroying anyone who doesn’t follow their doctrine, and it isn’t christianity

  14. Other then country and which Religion they are……not much difference….both could be a fanatical crazy person or both could just be one of those blind believers.

  15. The peaceful majority are irrelevant. It is the radicals that kill.

  16. Your opening statement is self defeating since you contradict yourself by explaining how both sides use apologist to interpret the text of their religion differently. Nice try though.

  17. A little one sided on the information are you? I love how you defend one interpretation as biased and take literally another. While I in no way defend either pictures I can’t condone this type of journalism.

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