New Drone Shoots Protesters With Pepper Spray Paintballs


Throngs of protesters and activists could soon find themselves choking on a pepper spray, even without any police officer having to step foot near them.

A new drone that shoots protesters with paintballs filled with pepper spray has debuted. Now, protesters can come under attack from riot control drones outfitted with custom made paintball guns, as well as strobe lights to distract crowds and speakers for police to issue demands at the choking crowds of dissidents.

Meet the Skunk Riot Control Copter, a new drone marketed towards the military and law enforcement, built by South African company Desert Wolf. If you’re curious about the company’s roots in South Africa, it is no coincidence: the folks working for Desert Wolf have come straight out of the former regime’s efforts to squash the anti-apartheid movement.

The Riot Control Copter has a suite of cameras equipped, along with four paintball guns mounted on its chassis.

The guns can fire ammunition from four different hoppers that can be filled with with dye markers, solid plastic pellets, or small capsules of pepper spray.

According to Defence Web, the full drone system includes a high definition and thermal vision cameras.

The fully-decked out drone lists for around 500,000 South African Rand ($46,000).

The drone requires two people to control:  a pilot, and a payload operator to control the drone’s suite of weaponry.

The first run of the drones are to be deployed to the mines in South Africa, where workers have been protesting and engaged in lengthy strikes.

Corporate mine owners hope that the drones will squash resistance and disperse angry protestors who want fair wages and safer working conditions. 

(Article by Ari Simeon)


  1. What a nice and biased article.

    “Corporate mine owners hope that the drones will squash resistance and disperse angry protestors who want fair wages and safer working conditions.”

    These miners burn cars, intimidate and conspire to murder (alleged current news). These strikes are vicious and cost lives. Striking workers have said on radio “If my child child dies I will just have another, if my wife dies I will find a new one” in response to how are they feeding their families due to no wages from striking…

    I believe protest action to be effective and good but not in this way.

  2. Nothing will stop the people in riots, protests and wars except peaceful negotiations!
    Fighting fire with fire will never be the answer as we’ve seen in the suffering thru-out
    the world! Design mechanical war machines and man in the end will defeat them. We are the
    only animal on this earth intent on killing each other. There are many among us who are peaceful
    warriors who have just begun to awaken—-

  3. Bullshit… We need to develop a way to take them down without the use of a firearm.

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